Check out the Character Generator

Sometimes when you’re writing, you can get stuck on minor things. That’s why we created the character generator.

What is a character generator? A character generator is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create more characters for your story. Whether that’s a name, a description, or a face. This can also be called character creation.

Live Novel Publishing character generator faces

We find the best way to use the character generator is to simply use the name generated and the face. We want you to describe the character in your own words.

The rest of the details can be used to form the character’s personality, but don’t let the modern setting stop you from using it anytime! A nerd or a bully is still the same, regardless of time, genre, or setting.

When you’re in the flow, the last thing that should throw you is the need for a quick character. It happens to the best of us. So check out our character generator now, and keep your foot on the gas. Best of all, it’s free!