Live Novel Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new and completely unique medium. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions here. If this page does not answer your question, please do not hesitate to reach out.

What’s a Live Novel?

A Live Novel is a mobile application that brings traditional novels to life. A Live Novel unique is because it adds interactivity, open-world elements, and real-time activity to a traditional novel. These elements allow the reader to feel like they are a part of the story.

Is a Live Novel and its traditional novel counterpart different stories?

No! A Live Novel is a 1:1 translation of a traditional novel. It is the exact same story, just presented in a new and unique way.

Is a Live Novel the same thing as interactive fiction, interactive novels, or choose-your-own adventure stories?

No! A Live Novel is linear, just like you would expect from a traditional novel. There are no branching paths in a Live Novel.

What do you mean by a Live Novel being a 1:1 translation of a traditional novel?

In a Live Novel, if someone reads to a certain chapter, and would like to continue reading from that chapter onward in a traditional novel, there would be nothing lost in the transition.

They would have no issue continuing from where they left off. A Live Novel and its traditional counterpart are the same exact story.

What is an “open-world” novel?

In a Live Novel, readers can tap on different locations to explore those locations.

They can see what characters are in the same place as them, and what characters are nearby. Characters can wander from place to place. If a character and the reader are in the same place, the reader has the option to interact with that character.

Different words and phrases can also be highlighted. Readers can tap those highlighted phrases to reveal more details.

I’m an author, but I don’t know how to code. Can I still turn my novel into a Live Novel?

Yes! If the editors accept your manuscript for publication, you will be granted access to the editor. All you have to do then is think logically, and copy and paste your story in the correct input boxes.

Does a Live Novel have images, graphics, music, or anything like that?

Besides cover art—nope! A Live Novel is completely text-based.

Who is a Live Novel for?

A Live Novel is for anyone, but especially those who struggle to read for pleasure. Phone are too distracting, books are easy to forget, and sometimes unwieldy, and time is sometimes too short to pick up where you left off.

A Live Novel solves all of those issues. Live Novels engage the reader by drawing them into the story with real-time events, exploration, and interaction. Pages are bite-size chunks and always complete thoughts. And because it’s an app for your phone, you’ll always have it ready to go. It works offline, takes up very little storage space, and loads in a second.

Does it make sense to have my novel self-published and built as a Live Novel at the same time?

Yes! Think of a Live Novel like an audiobook in that sense. The format allows you to reach a new and wider audience, plus it gives fans of your work a new way to consume it.

What does “tapping highlighted phrases” mean?

The author can highlight certain phrases and when the reader taps those phrases additional details appear. A great way to imagine this is footnotes.

Instead of having the reader jump back and forth from the bottom of a page, highlighted words can reveal footnote text. This is also a great tool to condense fluff, if an author chose to make their story more streamlined.

I noticed the Live Novels in the App Store and Google Play Store are free. What’s that about?

All Live Novels are free to download and try. The author can choose where to add a paywall in their novel. After reaching the paywall, the reader can purchase the rest of the novel via an in-app purchase.