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A Live Novel® is an application that adds interactivity, open-world elements, and non-player character logic to traditional novels. These elements allow readers to actively explore and interact with stories.

In a Live Novel, readers move from place to place.

Characters wander from place to place independently. If a character and reader are in the same place, the reader can interact with that character.

Descriptive text may be highlighted. Readers can tap those highlighted phrases to reveal more details.

The Live Novel Digest is an iPhone and Android app that houses quarterly volumes of short stories by real authors that we program into Live Novel apps. Each volume is unlockable with tokens and contains at least five stories.

Yes, the Live Novel Digest is free to download. In addition, every story published is free to read for six weeks while featured.

After six weeks, stories are available to read by unlocking its volume with tokens. Tokens are sold in the app, and can also be awarded.

The Live Novel Digest also allows readers to sample full-length Live Novel apps that are available for purchase.

Yes, in the Live Novel Digest app, which is free to download, you can try a sample of all current Live Novel apps, including The Great Gatsby, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and more.

No. A Live Novel is completely text-based.