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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
The Heretical Nine
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A Live Novel is a mobile application that adds interactivity, open-world elements, and non-player character logic to traditional novels. These elements allow the reader to actively explore the story.

In a Live Novel, readers move from place to place.

Characters wander from place to place independently. If a character and reader are in the same place, the reader can interact with that character.

Descriptive text may be highlighted. Readers can tap those highlighted phrases to reveal more details.

In video games, a non-player character, or NPC, is a character in the game that is not controlled by the player and acts automously.

A Live Novel adopts this logic for characters in stories. Characters move from location to location autonomously. Their dialogue and behavaior contextually changes depending on where the reader is in the novel.

No. A Live Novel is completely text-based.