What is a Live Novel?

Live Novel is a storytelling application that adds logic and spontaneity to the traditional novel.

A Live Novel is different than a traditional novel and a choose-your-own-adventure story:

A Traditional Novel can be a physical novel or an e-book. A reader begins on the first page and finishes on the last page. The story may follow the actions of a specific character, or the actions of many characters, and the story is traditionally told in the first-person or third-person point of view.

A choose-your-own-adventure story allows the reader to choose options and outcomes. These stories can be in the form of physical novels, games, or applications. They are traditionally told in the second-person point of view, and do not jump between characters.

A Live Novel is the future of storytelling. Live Novels expand on both traditional and choose-your-own-adventure novels to give the reader a well-crafted story, but brought to life. A Live Novel can be told in first-person, second-person, or third-person point of view. It can jump between different character’s perspectives, and can be told in present-tense or past-tense.

A Live Novel is a Reading for Pleasure medium:

Reading for pleasure has fallen by the wayside for many people, young and old.

Choose-your-own adventure stories are widely available and moderately popular on mobile phones. But programmers write these stories, or they are written specifically to be a choose-your-own-adventure story. Because of this, there is no true reading experience because the author can’t tell the story they wish for the characters, and instead are forced to prepare multiple varying outcomes.

A Live Novel is the best of both worlds. Built as an application, a Live Novel is interactive but linear. It is written by real published authors, exactly the way an author would write a regular novel.

Live Novel Publishing’s goal is to guide a habitual phone user to read on their smartphone by making the reading experience engaging and active, while still offering the benefits of reading for pleasure.